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Pedalo Boat Ride Dubai

AED180 /per person

Pedalo Boat Ride Dubai

One of the not to miss water attractions in Dubai, Pedalo allows visitors to enjoy the vistas while paddling a boat at their own speed. Each human-powered paddle boat ride gives the best water adventure for thrill-seeking souls. Available in various options, you may choose from regular pedalo, swan pedalo or pedalo with slides.

The pedalo tours are ideal for spending time with your partner or having fun with your friends and family. Whether you are looking for a romantic couple's day out or having fun with your family, each boat has different seating options for carrying a maximum number of people. Simply secure your boat to travel around the waterways of Dubai while toning your legs and enjoying the backdrops one after the other.

You will get the opportunity to capture some of the leading attractions in Dubai from the sea. Book your trip to surprise your loved ones and witness Dubai from a different perspective.


When planning a romantic night out or a family day out, pedalo gives you that one-of-a-kind adventure during your water adventure hunt in Dubai. Select a pedal boat and explore Dubai and its surrounding area as you go on a pleasant and relaxing ride. Whether you ride solo or as a group, you will have fun throughout the trip.

Pedalo is perfect for all ages and fitness levels so you can use it as part of your workout regime! Tours are 1-hour long. You may select a daytime or evening tour according to your preference. Reserve a pedalo as per the number of passengers. Pedalo with 2 seaters are ideal for couples, and a paddle boat with sliders is a perfect match for families. Please make sure to arrive 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time. Make sure to come in comfortable clothes that make it easy to paddle. Wear the life jacket, hop on the boat, sit, paddle and relax as you tour around the pristine waterways of Dubai.

See Dubai as you have never seen before and learn about its leading locations. Be it daytime or evening, just focus on the trip - each boat has a roof to protect you from sun and rain. Whether paddling a boat for the first time or repeating the experience, you may move your legs at your own pace. Keep paddling to move the paddlewheel and help propel the boat. Experience the captivating sunset on the water, where you will have an experience like no other. A legendary way to have fun on the water - Create magical memories as you drift along. Before calling it a day, relax on the shore with your loved ones.

Highlights & Inclusions

  • Reserve your paddle boat for an exciting 1-hour ride on the serene beach.
  • Paddle boats for couples and family rides.
  • Sweep through the waters of Dubai as you discover its phenomenal landmarks.
  • Private paddle boat tours and multiple time slots to choose from.

Important Note

  • Must bring original Passport or ID Card

Tour Schedule

Tour Timings: 9:00 AM until sunset time
Tour Duration: 30 Minutes or 1 Hour
Location: Jumeirah, Dubai