Water Activities in Dubai

Jet Ski Dubai Marina Dubai

Embark on a ski riding adventure in your holiday in Dubai to add a healthy dose of adrenaline rush to your vacation abroad. Join a wild jet ski ride in Dubai Marina and enjoy a blood racing adventure of a lifetime.

AED350*Per person


Parasailing in JBR Dubai

Best Parasailing tours in Dubai | Go on an unforgettable water sports adventure in your holiday in Dubai with our Dubai Parasailing tours. Safety and the best price guaranteed...

AED325*Per person


Jet Ski in Mamzar

Experience a once in a lifetime jet ski tour in Sharjah, and get your adrenaline rushing and heart pounding unleashing the wild adventurer inside you.

AED300*Per person


Water Step Bike Dubai

If you like the sea and cycling, this tour perfectly matches you. Now you can beat the boredom and pump in some extra adrenaline while gliding on the water.

AED85*Per person


Pedalo Boat Ride Dubai

Pedalo gives you that one-of-a-kind adventure during your water adventure hunt in Dubai. Select a pedal boat and explore Dubai and its surrounding area as you go on a pleasant and relaxing ride.

AED180*Per person


Flyboard Dubai

With numerous adventures to try and places to visit, the word wonderland best describes Dubai. If you want to try an exhilarating activity in Dubai, flyboarding is the right choice!

AED400*Per person


Towable Boat Ride Dubai

Experience the new way of cruising along the ocean floor. Take your friends and family on a one-of-a-kind ride in Dubai with a towable boat ride. Towable boat rides are the best match for thrill seekers.

AED160*Per person


Dubai Fountain Water Bike Ride

Prepare for a rare bike ride closer to the world's tallest building. This is not your typical cycle ride - there are no tyres, no roads, and no need for a helmet, but it only requires a life jacket.

AED70*Per person


Jet Car Ride Dubai

What if we say that you can ride a supercar on the water? Indeed, Dubai got that covered. If you're looking for something unique, the jet car ride is for you!

AED890*Per person