Paramotor Flight ride Dubai


Paramotor Flight ride Dubai

Experience the thrill of flying across high up in the air and enjoy freedom rising above your everyday worries. Get on a paramotor flight tour in Dubai and enjoy the thrill and the excitement of effortlessly floating above the man-made wonders of Dubai.

Whether you an adventure seeker or a simply love trying unique travel experiences, our Dubai Paramotor flight tour will never disappoints you. Taking you high up in the sky this flying experience in Dubai will let you immerse yourself in the beauty of the world. Get mind blown with wondrousness of the scenery below you and wrap up your paramotor flight tour in Dubai with some exhilarating rounds of spirals and aerobatics.

Paramotor Tandem flight – Dubai Marina & Palm Jumeirah

Discover the mind-blowing city landscape from bird's eye view floating in the sky effortlessly. Experience an exhilarating adventure of paramotor flying in Dubai with us and enjoy the thrill and excitement of flying like a bird. Flying over the JBR Beach and Dubai Marina, The Palm and Atlantis our Paramotor Flight Tour in Dubai will show you an out of this world scenery that you will cherish forever.

Paramotor Tandem flight – Desert experience

Explore the beauty of the desert, from an angle only the birds can see with our paramotor flying tour in Dubai desert. Witness the golden sand dunes that run till your eyes can see enjoying the soothing monochromic desert colour palette. Sail across the desert counting sand dune peaks enjoying the freezing wind and the thrill of flying. If you are brave enough, experience high-G spirals and hair-raising low-level flying before you ground and feed the adventurer inside you.

With an experienced team and standard equipment, we assure you a safe paramotor flight tour in Dubai followed by a safety briefing to assure you of safety. Plan your paramotor tour in Dubai with us.

You can also choose the Desert Paramotor tandem flight experience where you are going to cover the stunning scenery of the Dubai Lake, greenery, Desert farms, and the inner villages. You are going to take off from the skydive desert campus drop-zone from Monday to Friday (Morning, 6:30 AM-10:00 AM and in the Evening 3:30 PM till Sunset.

What's include

  • 25-30 minutes lasting Private Paramotor flight sightseeing experience from Sky
  • Well experienced pilot and well maintaining Paramotor aircraft
  • Safety instructions

What's not include

  • Snacks and beverages


  • You can customize your flight experience based on your choice
  • Teenager between age 12-17 can be considered to enjoy this flight experience if the parent or
  • guardian signs a consent
  • Participants should be above the age of 17 years
  • You can only have this Flight experience in the Winter month
  • You must have 120cm or above height and 100kg or below the weight
  • You must be in a comfortable dress and a Trainers not with Loose Dresses, Sandals, Heels
  • 25 minutes 17 years Above
  • Departure : Skydive the Palm & Skydive Desert Campus drop zone
  • Dress Code: Comfortable Dress and Trainers ( No loos dresses, Heels, sandals)