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5 Reasons you should not miss a Dubai Desert Safari experience

5 Reasons you should not miss a Dubai Desert Safari experience

Dubai, which was supported by domestic oil revenue, breathes luxury. The young emirate is filled to the brim with magnificent buildings, gleaming skyscrapers, and retail and leisure areas. The old desert and the traditional Arabian way of life remain, nevertheless, hidden beneath the glam and sheen. This area of the emirate offers excitement, mystery, and an opportunity to learn more about Dubai's true nature.

Now that so many travelers have already made their imprint on the Arabian Desert, it's your turn to do the same. Here are several justifications for planning a trip to Dubai and taking a desert safari:

01 The desert panorama in Dubai is unlike anything you've ever seen

desert panorama dubai

Dubai's desert landscape serves as the ideal blank slate for your imagination. Many photographers use the stunning sunsets and undulating sand dunes in the area to create images that are analogous to PC screensavers. Once the hot sun puts a reddish glow on the sand that resembles Mars' surface, you might even start to believe that you are on another planet. When the cloud’s part to reveal the starry night sky, the desert is even more beautiful. Bring your tripod so you can get a stable long exposure of Dubai's beautiful night sky. Maybe even a shooting star will be visible!

02 Experience your own preferred adventure

desert preferred adventure

The vast desert is your playground with so many activities accessible, and you will certainly have an amazing experience. Try dune bashing, an intense balance test where vehicles race up and down a path of steep sand dunes, by getting in a 4x4. Sandboarding is the next activity, which includes slipping down a slippery sand slope while keeping your balance. You may roll or tumble, both of which make for fun Christmas videos. Extracurricular activities include camel riding, quad biking, and horseback riding.

If you liked the chaotic nature of dune bashing, you'll like quad biking. Get aboard a four-wheeler and cruise around the desert at top speed. Camels and horseback riding are more relaxed options that involve a guide holding off the animal for your protection while you meander around the separated desert area. Whatever you choose, you can be certain that the breathtaking pictures the guides took will be the ones you take home.

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03 Interact with the interesting Emirati culture

emirati bedouin camp

You'll be led to a Bedouin camp as night falls for food and entertainment. Here, you can observe Arabian culture in its magnificent, bright, and alluring pre-modern manifestation. Talented young women twirling their skirts in the folk dance Tanoura, belly dancers with snake-like hips hit the stage, and locals who can breathe fire demonstrate their command of the element. You can also obtain a temporary tattoo with the reddish-brown henna ink at the same site. Select a design from a gallery or work with the artist to create your own, then admire the piece of art for a few days before it unavoidably fades away.

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04 Dine in true Emirati style at a BBQ dinner buffet

bbq dinner dubai

During any dinner buffet while at your desert safari, there are abundance of meat and spices, the two main ingredients of Arabian cuisine. The campground has a row of open-fire grills cooking a variety of grilled meats to sate your appetite and make your mouth water. Fresh fruit that has been cut into bite-sized pieces is waiting for you on plates as you take in a cultural performance. The ideal reward for a day of exploring and sunning is this assortment of Arabian delicacies that will take you to a whole new level. You can finish your substantial meal with a shisha to calm your full stomach or a cup of traditional Arabian coffee and sweets.

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05 A once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of rare wildlife

desert wildlife dubai

On the desert safari, you get the chance to see the falcon, the UAE's national bird. In the United Arab Emirates, training falcons is a traditional sport known as falconry among its people. In Emirati culture, it is recognized as a high art form, and since 2016, UNESCO has added it to their list of the world's intangible cultural treasures. Falcons are currently trained for cultural and athletic activities after being employed for hunting in the past. Don't give up on the opportunity to take a selfie with the gorgeous hunting bird because falconers bring their birds on desert safaris for selfies and performances that you can witness too.

The desert is home to a range of wild animals. While you go around the remote areas, keep an eye out for meerkats, owls, flocks of various birds, and Arabian oryx. Try to avoid getting too close to the animals you spot because the desert is considered as a conservation area and you may end up startling them.